emiratesTransportation and storing of the collection

The process of transporting the Penfolds Grange vertical 12,000 km from Australia to Dubai took extreme care and technical diligence, for which Le Clos worked in close partnership with Emirates Group companies dnata, Skycargo and Freightworks. The vertical was shipped in an Envirotainer that is widely used for transportation of temperature sensitive goods.

Throughout the journey the collection of Grange was kept in secure, dark, temperature controlled conditions at 14 degrees Celsius and constant humidity. In addition, we had a temperature probe with the shipment at all times that tracked transportation conditions.

It was critical that this rare and unique collection was transported with the upmost care where the temperature and conditions were monitored throughout the entire journey right until it arrived at the Le Clos store.

Le Clos has created a bespoke, climate controlled installation designed to display the Grange collection in-store. The aim was for the display to not only showcase this iconic collection, but where visitors can learn about the Penfolds Grange history. We also created a video to tell the story of Chief Winemaker from 1948 to 1975 Max Schubert’s extraordinary journey of courage, tenacity and vision, that changed the face of Australian wine forever.